Portable Electric Blender Rose gold & Silver

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  • $69.99


Our Rose Gold Portable Electric Blender is our top of the line unit.

Portable-USB Chargeable, connect anywhere you have a port

Long-lasting lithium battery

Perfect for smoothies & shakes



In the busy world we all live in, it is difficult to keep healthy on the go. Now you can! Just pack some fresh fruit, take your portable blender with you, and you are set to go. You will now have fresh and tasty smoothies, juice, protein shakes, and more! Want a fresh adult beverage? Take it to your next party and you'll be the biggest hit! 

Portable blender features:

〖Detachable Portable Blender〗 This BPA-free, dishwasher safe portable blender have six 304 stainless steel blades & 150-watt motor generates enough torque to crush foods. Smoothies, shakes, puree!

〖Strong Motor & Rechargeable Battery〗 The power base has a 150-watt motor that can rotate the blades up to 16500 rpm. 2*2000 mAh Li-ion battery power this motor. You will get the remaining battery status from LED lights. It turns off automatically when the blending is over to save the battery life. As a safety measure, the blades won’t run if the cup is not tightened to the base

〖Stay Healthy - Nutrient Extraction〗  AHNR portable blender provides blending solutions for almost everyone.

〖Super Convenient Mini Size Blender〗 Lightweight, easy to take off the bottle, drink directly from there or carry with you, usb rechargeable or as power bank through USB port, making it perfect for traveling, camping and other outdoor activities. AHNR portable blender is a convenient and portable solution for people on the go.

〖Easy cleaning and fast cooling〗 Convenient and efficient.  Dishwasher safe

Product function description:

1. When charging, the digital screen displays the percentage

2. When the discharge is working, it will display the countdown for 40 seconds and then stop working

3. When charging, the button is invalid

4. When the machine is working, the battery is connected to the battery at this time, and the machine stops immediately and switches to the charging mode.

5. Press and hold the button for 2 seconds to start the machine;

6. When the machine starts to encounter an object, the blade stops displaying "DD" immediately. At this time, the button is invalid within 5 seconds, and returns to normal after 5 seconds.

7. Protection function: Separate power-off protection: after the base is separated from the cup, the machine cannot be turned on; Idling protection: When the machine is idling, it stops after 5 seconds and displays “CH”; The cup is not installed in place, prompting "--"; Charging protection: full power prompt "FF"; The battery is used a lot, prompting "FN"