About Us

                                                    We Can Relate

Our team has firsthand experience facing some of the most rewardingly challenging clinical cases.  We understand how the fast-paced healthcare system has superimposed added pressure to gain knowledge and insight into the nursing world as quickly as possible.  We also know that there is a shortage of resources and support to our fellow nurses, specifically novice nurses.  We get it.  We all can use a little more support.

Our Founders


We are a team which consists of your future MSN level Nurse Educator and Nurse Practitioner.  

We are currently practicing Registered Nurses passionate about helping nurses find their confidence via increasing skill sets and knowledge.  Working years in the hospital in different units and finally reaching the point of working in the ICU, we've noticed some commonalities with our cohorts: we have more power if we work together than not.  We mean it, really working cohesively gets things done.  

We want to find a way empower you, our customers and fellow nurses, to take hold of your own mental and physical health.  We need to find ways to feel more confident and better about the work that we do all with the end goal of helping our patients thrive rather than just survive.  Consider RN Scrub as your support system as you journey in the nursing career.

                                                      We Are a Team

Link up with us, and feel free to shoot out recommendations in a respectful manner.  Together we can become better.


We are extremely personable people and want to make sure you have a great shopping experience with us.  You can visit our "Contact Us" page or via email: